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Privacy Policy
When you use any online form on the BAPSH website, or order merchandise, we need to take personal information from you in order to process the request. Information is stored on a computerised database held by the Catalogues Secretary. The information required for the registration of horse within the UK is held on a separate computerised database held by the BAPSH Registry Office.

The B.A.P.S.H. Ltd. is registered as a data user with the Data Protection Registrar.

BAPSH Ltd does not share your information other than the details required by law, or to properly register a horse with the ANCCE-LGPRE, or to permit the processing of payments over the internet.

BAPSH Ltd may contact you by email if you are a breeder or owner of a PRE, a PRE Partbred or a Non-pedigree Spanish Horse in order to provide you with information about changes in equine law/regulations, or important events or any special service or products that may be of interest..

Cookies are small text files placed on your computer which contain identifying information.
The cookie is used to make the link between you and the information you have provided to the web site.
This allows your information to be kept separate from other users and enables us to automatically complete some of the forms when you subsequently use them.

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