2023 PRE Grading August 19-21 at UTEC, & PFH Grading Virtual Again

PRE 2023 Grading dates are confirmed by ANCCE-LGPRE and the Unicorn Trust EC venue to be 19th & 20th August with a possible extension into 21st August. Most of the Information has been updated on the PRE Grading page but the main forms are still being overhauled. Everything should be ready for you to start bookingyour horses in for Grading by 1st March.

PFH (including Rocky Mountains), SSSH, HA, AAH, SNH – Grading in 2023 will consist of TWO Virtual Grading sessions in May & September. Information mostly updated on the relevant pages, some forms still to be overhauled. Owners of Stallions and HA mares can download the essential Stage 1 Reproductive Vetting form which has not changed from 2022 and get this critical Stage completed in good time this Spring.

We are looking forward to seeing some lovely horses again this year and meeting many owners and breeders whether in reality or virtually. Good luck everyone with your preparations for your horse’s Grading.