Breeders of Spanish-Norman Horses


Contact the BAPSH Ltd Registry Office to request more information or contact details for Breeders on our lists. Email:- or Tel: 07887 890098

Mrs Olivia       COOK                                                 Cambridgeshire, England.

Mr Joshua        DALY,                                               Bedfordshire, England. Tel: 07810 103790 , Email:

Miss Sarah       GREENWAY                                     Lincolnshire,England

Miss Clair        LILLIMAN    ‘SILVERSONS’         Derbyshire, England. Tel: 01773 874295 or 07843 175736 , Email:

Miss Sara         LOVE                                                 West Yorkshire, England.

Mrs Alex         NEWMAN                                         Gloucestershire, England.

Miss Claire      WALKER                                           West Yorkshire, England.

Miss Danielle  WOODRUFF                                     Lancashire, England.

Breeders of Spanish-Norman Horses – Now Retired.

Mrs Amanda   TOMLINSON   ‘RANCAR’              Shropshire, England.


Silversons Xylo, 8yr old SNH mare and a lovely example of the breed.