Breeding Approval & Grading for Spanish-Norman Horses

BREEDING EVALUATION (Grading/Evaluation/Assessment) for Spanish-Norman Horses aged 3yrs old or older

 Spanish-Norman Horse STALLIONS Breeding Approval STAGE 1 Reproductive Exam by Vet 2021/2022
APPLICATION FORM – Spanish-Norman Horse STALLIONS & MARES Breeding Approval STAGE 2 2022 VIRTUAL GRADING   – Ready Soon !

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Stallions – Breeding Evaluation is compulsory for Stallions registered in the Main Studbook before they may be used to cover mares. Minimum age for Evaluation/Grading and for Covering is 3yrs old.
Evaluation for a Spanish-Norman Stallion consist of Two Stages,
Stage 1 – the Veterinary Reproductive Examination. Plus DNA Typing and Certificate of freedom from the relevant genetic diseases if not already completed when the Stallion was first registered.
Stage 2 – Grading Evaluation at the central venue.

Mares – Breeding Evaluation is currently optional for Mares before they are bred from, however it is recommended to increase a Mare’s status and the value of her foals. Minimum age for Evaluation/Grading and for Covering is 3yrs old.
The optional nature of SNH Mare Evaluation will be reviewed every 5 years by BAPSH Ltd, and when the numbers of regularly breeding SNH Mares have reached a level where increased selection via Grading is advantageous rather than restrictive the BAPSH will introduce compulsory Grading for SNH Mares prior to being bred from.

Evaluation for a Spanish-Norman Mare consists of a single Stage,
Stage 2 – Grading Evaluation at the central venue. Plus DNA Typing and Certificate of freedom from the relevant genetic diseases if not already completed when the Mare was first registered.

Stage 1Veterinary Reproductive Examination
The Owner contacts the BAPSH Office to obtain the Application For Breeding Approval – Stage 1 blank Vet Certificate, and a DNA Envelope if necessary.
An experienced Equine Veterinarian is booked by the Owner to assess the horse and to complete the BAPSH Stage 1 Vet Certificate.
i) Static Physical inspection to determine the presence or absence of inheritable defects including the mouth, eyes, throat, limbs, and hernias (genitalia, inguinal, scrotal).
ii) Movement inspection at walk, trot & reverse to determine freedom from Locking Patella, Stringhalt, and Wobblers disease, and lameness.
iii) Hair Sample pulled out of mane or tail by the examining Vet to consist of 30 to 40 Hair Root Bulbs. The Hair Sample is placed into the labelled sample envelope provided by BAPSH, and the Vet signs dates and Stamps the envelope across the seal.
iv) The Owner sends the completed Stage 1 Vet Certificate, the DNA Sample, and the Application Form for Stage 2 Grading and the current Fee to BAPSH Ltd.
v) Providing the results of the Stage 1 Veterinary Reproductive Examination are of sufficient quality to be approved, the horse is booked into a slot for Stage 2 at the next BAPSH Grading Event or Virtual Grading Event.

Stage 2 – Grading Evaluation
i) Conformation & Type – 27 conformation measurements are taken, and the horse is assessed for overall type and conformation in relation to the Breed Standard using the Linear Conformation Assessment method developed by the ANCC-LGPRE, Spain and tested rigorously over the past 12 years.
ii) Movement and athleticism for Riding and Sport. Walk is assessed in-hand, and trot and canter are on the lunge line and again assessed in Freedom in an arena or field.
iii) The horse is assessed loose over a series of jumps down a short jumping lane with a video record made.
iv) The horse’s temperament, behaviour and overall attitude is assessed throughout the Evaluation.

A minimum score of 5/10 for all parts of the Evaluation must be achieved before BAPSH will award the Approved For Breeding Stamp and Update the Passport and Database Records of the Studbook.
Horses which fail to achieve 5/10 on all sections can be re-assessed in 12 months time.

Awards Recognising Above Average Quality
Horses with an average score of 6/10 across the assessment are recognised with the Bronze Award.
Horses with an average score of 7/10 across the assessment are recognised with the Silver Award.
Horses with an average score of 8/10 or above across the assessment are recognised with the Gold Award.

The appropriate Breeding Approval Sticker is added to the Grading page of the horse’s Passport, overstamped, signed and dated. The Owner is issued with an Award Certificate that details all the horse’s physical measurements and the scores awarded for all sections of the Grading Evaluation.

All the data accumulated for each horse is recorded in the BAPSH Spanish-Norman Horse Breeding Book. The information gathered is used to monitor the development of the breed and to assist breeders to make informed choices when planning their own Studfarm breeding programmes.

 2.PERFORMANCE AWARDS for Competitive Sport.
Horses (mares, stallions, and geldings) that compete in Dressage, Show Jumping, Eventing, Driving, and Endurance at the higher Affiliated levels can gain points for achieving specific scores or %. The number of points required to achieve the ‘Sport’ designation is dependent upon the Sport; points must be achieved across a minimum of 5 shows/competitions in a particular sport over a 12 month period. The Owner of the horse must submit documentation to the BAPSH at the end of the 12 month period to prove the achievements. The horse is then awarded the title of Sport-Drs, Sport-SJ, Sport-Ev, Sport-En, or Sport-Drv, or any combination of these titles.

Mare or Stallions who have four progeny (mares, stallions, and geldings) who all achieve a Sports Performance Award are given the title PREFERENT. This is shown on their online records and pedigree and assists breeders in designing their breeding programmes.

Retrospective Performance Awards
Applications from owners for BAPSH to recognise, retrospectively, Sports points achieved in previous years before this Performance Award Scheme was initiated will be considered on a horse by horse basis providing the documentation provided is solid.
The appropriate Award Sticker for any of the above Awards is added to the horse’s Passport, overstamped, signed and dated. The Performance Award achievements are shown on the online records and pedigree (Equidata system) for each horse and this information assists breeders in designing their own Studfarm breeding programmes