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PRE – The breeding of Purebred Spanish Horses (PREs) throughout the world is controlled by the mother studbook in Spain (ANCCE-LGPRE) and is subject to the legislation issued by the Spanish Government as well as the laws of the country of residence for the PRE horses.
In many countries around the world the ANCCE-LGPRE has set up a collaborating partnership agreement with a National PRE organisation to enable the National organisation to act as the ‘local’ LGPRE office for the whole country. BAPSH Ltd has been the official UK partner to the Spanish PRE Studbook since 1983 and BAPSH Ltd handles all the documentation and communications from breeders and owners of PREs in the UK and Eire on behalf of the ANCCE-LGPRE, and in turn BAPSH Ltd handles all the documentation and communications from ANCCE-LGPRE to the breeders and owners in both the UK and Eire.

NOTE: All PREs must be declared APTO (Approved For Breeding) by the Spanish Studbook before they are used for breeding; this declaration is usually for the lifetime of the horse. The assessment for Breeding Approval is known in the UK as the GRADING and in Spain it is called VALORACION. Each year an ANCCE-LGPRE delegate visits the UK to assess any PREs that owners wish to be Approved for Breeding; for detailed GRADING information and application forms click on this link – PRE-breeding-approval-stallions-mares

PREs in the UK are subject to UK Equine Law as well as Spanish Equine Law and sometimes these two sets of Equine legislation do not quite match up. This makes for complex paperwork requirements and you are encouraged to spend some time reading through the advice, information, and example documents on this Website so that you understand what forms you may need for a particular job or Service, how to fill out the forms correctly, and what supporting documentation you may need to accompany your form/s. Receipt of accurately completed application forms, with all the data required, signed and dated by you, will significantly speed up processing in the BAPSH Registry Office and may save you money too by preventing potential extra charges for additional time required to correct errors and obtain missing paperwork.

BAPSH Ltd urge anyone interested in breeding PRE horses to CLICK on THE TRUE TO TYPE PUREBRED SPANISH HORSE  and read this excellent article on the type, characteristics, conformation, movement and temperament of the Purebred Spanish Horse and learn what to look for when breeding PRE horses.
Written by Jo Jarrett for a 2007 BAPSH Magazine, the article is based upon the brilliant lecture seminars about the PRE given by top judge and Grand Prix Dressage competitor, Mercedes Gonzalez Cort, on her visits to the UK.

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PRE PARTBREDS   – The breeding of Partbred PREs was the lynchpin upon which the British Andalusian Horses Society (now BAPSH Ltd) was started back in 1982. Back in those days there were very few Purebred Spanish Horses (then known as Andalusians), just 2 adult mares, 1 filly, and around 10 stallions, so of course the stallions were all covering mares of other breeds and the newly started Partbred Register flourished and rapidly became much larger then the very tiny Purebred Register. This situation lasted for many years and the REGISTRY STATISTICS page (to be added) shows this clearly. The UK still loves a good Partbred horse and it is hard to find a better Partbred horse than one which is a Partbred PRE. The fabulous qualities of the PRE come through strongly in their crossbred progeny and this is, of course, the reason why the Spanish Horse has been used all over the world to upgrade and improve other breeds for over a thousand years. (The PRE History pages will go into this in more detail and will be added to over time.)
BAPSH Ltd is the Passport Issuing Office (PIO) and the National Studbook for pedigree Partbred PREs in the UK  and Eire. This means that all aspects of the breeding of Partbred PREs are regulated by BAPSH Ltd, including the APPROVAL of Partbred Stallions for Breeding, issuing Covering Certificates, registering Partbred foals and issuing their Passports.

BAPSH Ltd also keeps Partbred PRE Passports updated with Changes of Ownership, Changes of Address, Gelding Updates, Duplicate Passports, and cancellation/invalidation of Passports when a horse has died.

Tumbledown Freya & mum            Tumbledown, Freya partbred mare by Ultimado II - adult standing

Pictured left, Tumbledown Freya, sired by Ultimado II, with her Norwegian Fjord mother ‘Lara’, and right as a prize winning adult. Freya was born 5th June 1982 and was bred by Mrs Jill Tyler

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