2018 Grading Documents Available Now

Applications can now be made for the 2018 Basic Grading (Approval for Breeding) for PRE horses over 3yrs old on 20th-22nd August 2018. Go to https://bapsh.co.uk/pre-breeding-approval-stallions-mares/    for all the information and the Booking Forms for the Grading, and for Accomodation & Stabling.
In July we will be adding the Booking Forms for Breakfasts and Lunches at the Unicorn Trust for those people staying overnight or staying all day. Last year the communal breakfasts and lunches provided a great meeting place for catching up with friends and meeting new ones which everyone enjoyed. We are looking forward to doing the same this year whilst enjoying the excellent catering from the Trust’s kitchen.

2018 Basic Grading Dates

The 2018 Basic Grading will take place on August 20th, 21st, and 22nd, Monday to Wednesday, at the Unicorn Trust Equestrian Centre, Stow-on-the-Wold. Booking forms and updated information will be available on our website pages soon, but meanwhile you can have a look at the venue photos and the general instructions by looking at the documents still available from the 2017 Grading


VERY IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT – The BASIC GRADING booked for 22nd & 23rd MAY was  cancelled yesterday afternoon  by ANCCE-LGPRE due to insufficient numbers of horses attending. BAPSH discussed with the Director of LGPRE what Basic Grading options were available; the decision is that there can only be ONE Grading this year. BAPSH  considered continuing with the planned September Grading and moving all the May horses to September, but of course this would prevent many Breeders entering the ANCCE affiliated classes at the GBPRE National Breed Show in July.  However, we also want to include as many 2014 summer born youngsters as possible (horses must be 3 yrs old to be Graded). Our solution is to move the Basic Grading to the last week in JUNE just before GBPRE entries close on 1st July. Unicorn Trust have been brilliant, and first thing this morning the Unicorn Trust confirmed our new Grading dates which will be Monday 26th, Tuesday 27th & Wednesday 28th JUNE.
Please accept BAPSH Ltd apologies for this unexpected and sudden change in all our plans which have been in development for many months. We will be attempting to contacting everyone who has booked for the May Grading individually today, and all those who have expressed interest in the September Grading. The May Grading fees will be rolled over to June. New JUNE Grading forms will be available on our website later today, and anyone interested in Grading horses this year will need to apply within the next couple of weeks.

Mary McBryde (BAPSH Ltd Director)


The BAPSH Ltd Registry Office will be closed from 2pm Friday 23rd December until 10am Tuesday 3rd January 2017.

All at BAPSH Ltd wish all our UK and Irish Breeders, Owners, and other clients  a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2017.

2016 Covering Certificiates – All 2016 ANCCE-LGPRE Spanish Covering Certificates for PRE production and BAPSH Ltd Covering Certificates for Partbred production should have been sent to the BAPSH by 1st December. If you haven’t sent yours in to the office then please hurry, because the fee for ‘out-of-year’ CCs is double and this kicks in on 1st January 2017 for 2016 Coverings.

2016 Foals – All PRE and Partbred PRE Foals born before 30th June 2016 should have been registered with BAPSH Ltd by now. For foals born before 30th June you only have until 31st December to get your Foal Registration applications in to our office before you will be in breach of UK Law !! Foals born 1st July 2016 onwards must be registered before they reach 6 months old.
REMEMBER that it takes at least 2 to 3 months after you have sent in your PRE Foal’s Registration application for the ANCCE-LGPRE passports to be printed and sent to the UK.  The law requires all foals to actually have received their Passport by the time they are 6 months old (or the end of the year) – not just a registration application submitted so don’t delay, get your applications in to the office ASAP.
In 2017 – We recommend that you apply for registration when your foal is 4 weeks old.


Good Morning Everyone,
BAPSH Ltd ask everyone who uses the LGPRE Online Studbook to take note of this ALERT from ANCCE-LGPRE:-

Tomorrow, Tuesday, the 23rd of August (2016), LG PRE Stud Book servers will be undergoing maintenance.

Work is expected to begin at 8:30 (in the morning, here in Spain). We will try our best to have all services back to normal and available as quickly as possible.  Being that it is general maintenance, there is no way we can know just how long the process will take, as a number of elements fall outside our command.

The following elements are affected by this downtime:

  • LG PRE (Stud Book) web site.
  • LG PRE (Stud Book) management application.
  • LG PRE(Stud Book) mobile applications.
  • LG PRE (Stud Book) web services (competition entries, RIIA, WBFSH…)
  • LG CDE management application.
  • Applications and services with NBT.
  • Equine Agenda.

Launch of New Website

Today we celebrate the launch of our exciting new BAPSH Website and we hope you will enjoy exploring it and all the information it contains. As you will see we are asking you all for contributions to expand and develop the site further in the future.

From the Directors