The BAPSH Ltd Registry Office will be closed from 4pm Friday 17th December until 10am Monday 3rd January 2021.

All at BAPSH Ltd wish all our UK Breeders, Owners, and other clients a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2022. Please stay safe over the festive period and respect all the government advice and guidelines but have a great time with horses and family and close friends.

2021 Covering Certificates – All 2021 ANCCE-LGPRE Spanish Covering Certificates for PRE (Purebred Spanish Horse) production and 2021 BAPSH Ltd Covering Certificates for PRE Fusion Horse, Spanish Spotted Saddle Horse, Albion Azteca, and Spanish Norman Horse production should have been sent to the BAPSH by 1st December. If you haven’t sent yours in to the office then please hurry, because the fee for ‘out-of-year’ CCs is double and this kicks in on 1st January 2022 for 2021 Coverings.

2021 Foals – All PRE Foals and PRE Fusion Horse, Spanish Spotted Saddle Horse, Albion Azteca, and Spanish Norman Horse Foals born before 30th June 2021 should have been registered with BAPSH Ltd by now. All foals born after 30th June should have had their  Foal Registration applications sent in to our office by 30th November to comply with UK Equine Law !!
REMEMBER that it takes at least 2 to 3 months after you have sent in your PRE Foal’s Vet completed Registration application for the ANCCE-LGPRE passports to be printed and sent to the UK.  The law requires all foals to actually have received their Passport by the time they are 6 months old (or the end of the year) – not just the submission of a registration application, so don’t delay, get your applications in to the office ASAP.

In 2022 – We recommend that breeders and stallion owners try to meet the following deadlines to reduce costs and to receive foal passports well inside the Governments time-limits.

1a. Apply for registration for all breeds before your foal is 4weeks old.
1b. PRE Foals – get the Foal ID Kit completed by the Vet and posted back to BAPSH Ltd within a week of receipt.
2. Apply for / submit Covering Certificate Stallion stub copies to BAPSH Ltd within 1 month of the last date of Covering.
3. Ensure that all PREs bought for breeding/standing at stud have the new ownership registered with BAPSH Ltd (includes DEFRA CED) and the ANCCE-LGPRE Studbook Service 619 application completed immediately after purchase. If you need assistance or explanations about how to proceed with any of the above actions please read through our website for assistance; if you cannot find the answer to your query then please email , but don’t expect an answer between 18th December and 3rd January.