Hispano-arab Breeding in the UK

Bailera 50% Ha Filly at 2001 Nat Show bred by Mary Parton-Wright, Wales     Desperado 50% Ha colt in 2001 bred by Bryndyfan Stud, Wales     Epona Pandora 75% Ha mare 7yrs - bred by Epona Stud

Three British-bred Hispano-arabs, left: Bailera 50% – 2yr filly bred by Mary Parton-Wright, Centre: Desperado 50% – 3yr colt bred by Bryndyfan Stud, Right:Epona Pandora 75% – 7yr mare bred by Epona Stud.

The British Há Register was opened in 1987 as a breeding Studbook linked to the Há Studbook in Spain and operating under the rules and regulations laid down by the Spanish Government. The Há  breed in the UK was founded with three stallions and two mares which were examined and approved by the Spanish Authorities (FESCCR). Register III operated in a similar way to Register I, with annual visits from the Spanish Studbook authorities to inscribe foals and Grade adults for reproductive approval. This continued for 20 years until the closure of the FESCCR by the Spanish Government in 2007.

In 2008 management of the Há Studbook was handed to the ‘Unión Española de Ganaderos de Pura Raza Hispano-Árabe’  (UEGHá)  https://www.caballohispanoarabe.com. This resulted in the closure of the BAPSH Ltd Register III as a breeding Studbook in December 2013 in accordance with the wishes of the UEGHá, and all Studbook  activities reverted to UEGHá in Spain.

However the BAPSH Ltd Register III continues to update and maintain the Passports of the 65 horses within the Register, providing the legally required services within the UK for  ‘Change of Address’,and Transfer of  Ownership, etc. to owners who do not wish to interact with UEGHá.

The UEGHa Studbook Transfer of Ownership for the Passport should be made directly with the UEGHa using
the SOLICITUD DE SERVICIO Application form (UEGHa) – requesting ‘Cambio de Titularidad’

Owners interested in Breeding or Registering Há foals should contact the UEGHá directly for further information on procedures and requirements  –
E-mail:- uegha@caballohispanoarabe.com , Tel. +34 954 421 263, Fax. + 34 954 421 772,
or write to UEGHá, Sñ Juan Leon Borrero – Secretario UEGHa,  Avda. Diego Martínez Barrios, 4 Planta 2, Modulo 1B, 41013 – Sevilla, Spain.

The most recently published UEGHa Fees can be seen here ‘Tarifas 2016’

The current Registration and Studbook Regulations for the UEGHa can be read in Spanish by clicking on this link  ‘2012_Regulations LG_UEGHa’

Dino CR, Ha colt by Donado smfl

The BAPSH Ltd cannot accept new registrations of Hispano-arab foals into Register III and this has created a major problem for Hispano-arab owners because there is no UK PIO for Hispano-arab breeders to register and overstamp the UEGHá passports of their foals as required by UK Equine Law. However it is possible for Hispano-arabs to be dual-registered as PRE Partbreds with BAPSH Ltd,  and/or triple-registered as Partbred Arabs with the Arab Horse Society, enabling the Overstamping of Passports and giving Há foals the widest possible range of show classes and competition options.

PROCEDURE for Registration to Overstamp Passport to comply with UK Equine Law

1.Download the ‘Partbred PRE Registration Application 2017  and complete ALL the Owner details in black or blue ink in capitals on Page 1 of the Registration Application form. Add as much other information as possible, including Breeder details, certified pedigree and any additional data you have. Complete and sign and date the Owner declaration at the bottom of Page 2.   Give the horse’s name including the % figure after the name, and the UELN

2.PROOF OF PURCHASE– You should have a Sales Document showing the change of ownership from the last recorded owner with the UEGHa to You and signed by both parties (the ‘Contrato de Compraventa’), or a Receipt/Invoice with the horse’s details, those of Seller and Buyer, and SIGNED BY THE SELLER to provide proof of legal purchase. If there are one or more intermediary Dealers/Agents in the ‘chain’ of owners between YOU and the last UEGHa recorded Owner then try to get evidence of these un-registered changes of ownership, especially important if you buy direct from a Dealer/Agent.  Any difficulties with this, please contact BAPSH to discuss options.

3.VET IDENTIFICATION – Your vet must complete, 100% in their own handwriting, the BAPSH identification Page 2 for your new horse (from the horse itself, NOT from the Spanish papers), READ the microchip, noting down the numbers, and sign and stamp the form to certify the identification. This UK veterinary examination is accepted as proof of the horse’s correct identity, and this has replaced the compulsory examination of the horse by the Spanish Grading Commission during their annual visit to the UK. (NOTE:- IF the horse’s Microchip cannot be read you should contact the Registrar ASAP. DO NOT INSERT ANOTHER MICROCHIP. BAPSH Ltd registration will be provisional pending further checks.)

4. AFTER THE VET ID IS DONE – When the vet and yourself have completed both pages of the BAPSH Partbred PRE Registration Application form, send it back to the Registrar with the ORIGINAL Spanish Passport, plus a photocopy of any other documentation the horse arrived with, eg., Intra-Trade Certificate, and the Correct fees. 

£53.00  Includes Recorded Delivery P&P

Cheques/Postal Order are payable to BAPSH Ltd. Or pay by Bank Transfer – Email: bapshregistrar@btinternet.com Mary McBryde – for the BAPSH Ltd Registry Account Bank Details.

Send your documents by Special/Recorded Delivery to:- The Registrar – Mary McBryde (BAPSH Registry Services)
Holly Trees Farm, Chesterblade Road, Stoney Stratton, Shepton Mallet, Somerset. BA4 4EQ

Tel: 07887 890098            Email: bapshregistrar@btinternet.com