Hispano-Arab Horse Registration Into British Main Studbook Section A or B

Registration For HA foals and HA horses, UK born, into the BAPSH Ltd Hispano-Arab Studbook.


Above:CR Ramilla 50% – CALIFICADO Status Hispano-Arab Mare, bred & owned by Eileen Brooks, UK. Sire:Crusader (Arab), Dam:Mill Orgullosa (PRE).

An HA Foal/Horse will be registered into the BAPSH Ltd HA Studbook providing the following criteria are met:-
a) the Foal is born as a result of an allowed mating which are as follows :-
i) Approved for Breeding HA x HA registered in the Main UEGHa or BAPSH Ltd Studbooks
ii) Approved for Breeding HA x PRE (Apto) registered in the Main UEGHa, ANCCE, or BAPSH Ltd Studbooks
iii) Approved for Breeding HA x Purebred Arab
NB:-The Arab Sire or Dam must have been approved for use in the HA Breeding Programme by BAPSH Ltd or by the UEGHá, Spain.
iv) HA Auxillary Register x HA Approved for Breeding in the Main Studbook
v) PRE (Apto) x Purebred Arab
b) the relevant Studbook Covering Certificate (Breeding & Birth Certificate) HA, PRE, or Arab, has been issued with the correct Stallion and Mare Ownership data and signatures for the registered Owners at the date of the covering and a copy was sent to BAPSH Ltd in the year of covering or with late fees if submitted after December 1st,
c) the person submitting the Breeding & Birth Certificate to BAPSH Ltd is the registered Owner of the mare at the date of the foal’s birth
d) the registration documentation, microchip insertion, and DNA Blood samples are completed correctly by the BAPSH Ltd Authorised Vet and the Owner and submitted to BAPSH Ltd,
g) the correct Fees are paid including any accumulated Late Fees for failure to return the completed registration documents and DNA sample by the date the Foal is 5 months old.
h) the DNA Type parentage verification completed by Animal Genetics UK on behalf of BAPSH Ltd confirms the proposed parentage is correct.

Below: Bailarina 50% – 2yr old Hispano-Arab  filly, bred by Mary Parton-Wright, UK. Sire: Balconero II (PRE), Dam:Fraiyha (Arab)

HA Foals/Horses are registered into the Main Studbook Section A if:-
1. they have a percentage of Arab blood between 25% and 75% inclusive
2. BOTH parents are registered HA in the HA Main Studbook Section A
3. All four grandparents are registered in the relevant Main Studbook for their breed.
HA Foals/Horses are registered into the Main Studbook Section B if they do not meet all of the requirements to register in Section A .
The horses produced by an Approved for Breeding HA in the Main Studbook and an Approved for Breeding HA of the Auxiliary Registry will also be registered in Section B, being registered with half the percentage of Arab blood of the parent belonging to the HA Main Studbook.
For both Sections, the percentage of Arab blood calculated is added as a continuation of the name of the horse and will be determined by the arithmetic mean of the percentages of their ascendants.


The Application To Register A Foal should be Completed and Sent to the BAPSH Ltd Registry Office BEFORE the Foal reaches FIVE Months old so that Genetic Tests are completed, and the NEW Passport Created, Printed and Issued to the Owner BEFORE the Foal is SIX Months Old, as required by UK Equine Law.
Foal Registration Applications Received AFTER the Foal is 5 Months Old are charged LATE FEES of £10 per month or Part-month until the Registration Application Form is received in the BAPSH Ltd Registry Office.
Owners who want to Register older horses, without any Passport, into the Hispano-Arab Horse Studbook should contact the BAPSH Ltd Registry Office directly to discuss how to proceed with registering an older horse without a passport.
Owner and Vet

a) Breeder/Owner downloads the BAPSH Ltd the BAPSH Ltd Hispano-Arab Foal/Horse Registration Application Form 2022 or requests a copy from the BAPSH Ltd Registry Office via email or the post (NOTE: there is a surcharge of  £5.00 for the BAPSH Office to print and post out application forms in order to cover the extra office costs.
b) The Owner completes the Breeder/Owner details in full, selects the ‘Human Food Chain Status’ for the foal, completes the pedigree, and signs and dates the declaration.
c) The Equine Vet completes the following:-
i) Fills out the Identification Diagram in full detail, marking EVERY Whorl and Feather on the Foal (including common Whorls), and gives a full written description including the IRIS Colour of the Eyes, and the Skin Colour underlying the hair. The Vet and the Owner should check that the ID Diagram Markings correctly correspond to the Foal’s actual Markings and that the Written Description does not accidentally Transpose any Markings from left to right or vice versa.
ii) Inserts the Microchip in the left-side of the neck in mid-crest
iii) Marks the exact location of the Microchip on the ID Diagram with an M in a Circle.
iv) Completes the Veterinary Declaration Stating whether the Foal is AT FOOT with its Dam or NOT
v) Pulls out 40 hairs by the roots from the foal’s tail and places these in a clean paper envelope clearly labelled with the foal’s 1st Choice Name, DOB, Sex, and Parentage, and then the Vet signs and stamps across the seal of the envelope.
vi) The Vet then completes the bottom section of the Application Form in clear Capitals giving his/her Name and the Practice Address, Signs and Dates the form, and applies the Vet Practice Stamp in the box provided.

Send the following to BAPSH Ltd:-
1. The Foal Registration Application form
2. DNA Hair sample
3. A Copy of the Arab or non BAPSH registered HA parent’s Passport or Registration document. Copies of Passports should include the Registration page with UELN & Microchip number, the Ownership page, the ID page, the  Certificate of Origin and the Four-generation pedigree.
4. Mare Owner’s Section/Copy of the Covering Certificate,
5. The current Registration + Pedigree Passport Fee (£79.00) plus the fees for the DNA test and Parentage Verification of the Foal.
Add the fee for DNA testing the Arab or HA parent if a DNA Type printout is not available to be sent to BAPSH Ltd with the Foal’s registration application. DNA types for PRE parents are available to BAPSH Ltd from the ANCCE-LGPRE on request.

Genetic Typing
The hair sample for the foal (and parent horse if required) is sent by BAPSH Ltd to Animal Genetics UK in order to have the  DNA Type and Parentage Test performed.
ALL Hispano-Arab Foals must be DNA typed and Parentage Verified before registration can be completed.
BAPSH Ltd have a business agreement with Animal Genetics UK which gives all our clients a discount on the usual prices providing the DNA samples are submitted by BAPSH Ltd. The Animal Genetics Test application form will be completed by the BAPSH Registry Office upon receipt of the Hair Sample and the appropriate Fee. Please contact BAPSH Registry Office for the current prices for DNA Typing.

Last Steps
When BAPSH receives the required certificates from Animal Genetics confirming the parentage is correct,  the HA Foal Registration is completed, the UELN allocated and the Hispano-Arab Passport printed and posted out to the Owner.