Horses For Sale

Here is a small Photo Gallery of the types of horses you will find for sale on these pages. Search for your ideal Spanish Horse via the BAPSH Ltd accredited Sales Lists on this website. You can be 100% confident that every horse whose details appear in these Eleven Sales Pages will be correctly registered with BAPSH Ltd, will be correctly passported, and that the person selling you the horse will be the registered owner. Also the pedigree information, date of birth, breeding status, and other data will all have been checked and will be correct before the advertisement is published.
CLICK on any of the Sales Pages below to look for your new horse.

  1. PRE Horses (Purebred Spanish Horses) Geldings – 4 yrs and over
  2. PRE Horses (Purebred Spanish Horses) Stallions (Apto & non-apto) – 4yrs & over
  3. PRE Horses (Purebred Spanish Horses) Mares (Apto & non-apto) – 4yrs & over
  4. PRE Horses (Purebred Spanish Horses) Colts & Geldings – 0 to 3yrs 11mths
  5. PRE Horses (Purebred Spanish Horses) Fillies – 0 to 3yrs 11mths
  6. PRE FUSION Horses – Geldings, Colts, & Stallions
  7. PRE FUSION Horses – Mares & Fillies
  8. Spanish Spotted Saddles Horses
  9. Albion Azteca Horses
  10. Spanish-Norman Horses
  11. Horses – All Registers – with Unusual Coat-Colours  (Also listed on their Breed pages)

Breeders and Owners who wish to sell or loan a BAPSH registered horse from any of our SIX Registries/Studbooks are urged to take full advantage of this great platform for the promotion of your horses that need to find new homes. Where Horses do NOT disappear from sight just 10 mins after you posted their advert !!!
To get a Horse ADDED to these Sales Pages just Email with Name of Horse, price,  1 to 4 Photos, Video link if you have one, and a short description if you wish; BAPSH will complete the pedigree and breeder data, and insert links to your Website and email address.
OR Email a link to your new FaceBook Post about your Horse For Sale and we will copy onto our Website Sales Pages the Information and Photos from your FB Post.
EVERY NEW ADDITION to our Sales pages, which is not already on FB, will have an ALERT link put onto our FB page Sales Of Spanish Horses & Accoutrements( BAPSH LTD Registered Only )  bringing potential customers to view your horse/s as soon as they are in the Catalogue.

Inclusion in our Sales Pages is FREE and adverts will remain on site for SIX Months or until BAPSH receives the Transfer of Ownership application Form for the Sale of that horse.