Partbred PRE with Pedigrees – Imports


For Horses with 25% to 99% Certified PRE Apto blood.

The remaining % blood can be from any breed or of unknown ancestry


PRE Partbred_Imports_RegisterII Application 2017

PedigreePREPartbred_ImportRegistration INSTRUCTIONS 2017

Show - Saleroso CH PB Ridden
Saleroso Catalan bred in Spain and imported in 1999. Owned and ridden by Delia Cunningham


Our National Breed Association is a Passport Issuing Office (PIO) for DEFRA, and is the UK National Office for the Spanish Studbook – ANCCE-LGPRE, Sevilla, Spain. The BAPSH Ltd also looks after the requirements of PRE Partbred horses with 25% or more of their pedigree descended from PRE Apto ancestors. These PRE Partbreds can be born in any country but proof of their PRE Apto ancestry must be clearly documented, otherwise they will be placed in the non-pedigree, non-breeding Register IV.

Imported PRE Partbreds may have a FESCCR Sportshorse passport, or alternatively an ANCCE or FESCCR Covering/Birth Certificate accompanying a passport from one of the Spanish Regional Government PIOs,eg. Murcia, Andalucia, Gallicia, Catalunia etc. Other combinations of documentation may also be accepted – contact the Registrar to discuss your horse’s documentation if it differs from the above.

Transfer of Ownership is included in the Import registration process and an Invoice, Receipt, or Contract of Sale should be provided to show that it is a legal sale/purchase.
BAPSH will also need a copy of the Intra-Trade travel documents that accompanied your horse to the UK


1a. Download the ‘PRE Partbred Import Registration Application’ from – PRE Partbred Imports_RegisterII Application 2017
1b. Download the Passport Application Form IF YOUR HORSE DOES NOT HAVE A PASSPORT already (very unlikely) – PASSPORT Application Form 2017

2. Complete all the Owner details in black or blue ink in legible capitals on the 1st page of the Registration Application form. Add as much other information as possible, including Breeder details, certified pedigree and any additional data you have. Complete and sign and date the Owner declaration at the bottom of page 2.

3. Give two choices of name not longer than 25 letters and spaces inclusive. The first name should be the passport name, the second name should be a variation on this to make the name unique if it is a common name. For example add your initials at the start or end, or add a location such as ‘XXX of Thornbury.’

4. Your equine vet must visit to perform a detailed and thorough identification of the horse, from the horse itself, so that BAPSH Ltd can confirm the horse’s identity. This detailed identification may be used to update the existing passport, or to create your horse’s new passport if this has been requested.

5a. The first action of your vet must be to scan the horse’s neck with thoroughness to detect if there is a microchip in place. (If your horse has a modern passport it must have had a microchip inserted when it was passported but sometimes these become inactive.) If a microchip is located then this number is written on to the ID page of our application form. If your horse does NOT have an active Microchip, your vet must provide and insert a microchip into the left side mid-third of the neck, just below the crest. The Microchip sticker must be put on the Application form and the spare Microchip stickers enclosed with the Registration Application form on its return to the Registry Office.

5b. Then your vet must carefully draw ALL the whorls, scars, and markings onto the Identity Diagram and complete the written section on page 2 of the Application form – clearly PRINTING his own name and practice address, plus date and signature, and endorse it with the Vet Practice Stamp.

6. ONLY Complete the Passport Application IF your horse does NOT have a Passport – – PASSPORT Application Form 2017

7. Send by Special/Recorded Delivery to the Registrar the form/s, photocopies of any other documents that accompanied the horse when imported, the Passport, and a Cheque/Postal Order payable to BAPSH Ltd for:-
a) £53.00 for horses with a Passport. Includes Recorded Delivery P&P to you.
b) £78.00 for horses that need a NEW passport . Includes Recorded Delivery P&P to you.
If a Bank Transfer is more convenient for you then please Email Mary McBryde – for BAPSH Registry Account Bank details.

If you are in doubt about any of the above instructions or need any further clarification please contact:-

The Registrar – Mary McBryde (BAPSH Registry Services – Monday to Friday between 10am & 4pm on 07887 890098 or 01749 838791)

Stanhopes Picasso leftside smflStanhopes Picasso – bred in Spain by the Countess of Harrington, and imported to the UK in 2014.
Now working towards Grand Prix