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2023-03-07 – ANCCE creates the PRE Working Equitation Team

ANCCE, by means of its General Sports Commission, has launched a new project.  The sights of this latest endeavor are on the World Working Equitation Championship to be held in 2026 at the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art, in Jerez de la Frontera (Cadiz, Spain). A PRE Working Equitation Team will be created and that is composed of four or five pairs, with horses that are at least five years of age.

The inspiration behind the project is to create a good team of Purebred Spanish Horses to represent Spain at this world event. To begin with, ANCCE has scheduled four concentrations in different areas of Spain to train the participants so that they learn or perfect the theory and practice of this equestrian discipline.

At the various concentrations, international World Association for Working Equitation (WAWE) Judge Jose Andres de Benito will be on hand, among other important attendees. He will provide the theory to then enter the arena to aid riders learn or perfect their skills for the trials (Dressage, Ease of Handling, and Speed).

The first concentration in 2023, in collaboration with Yeguada La Cartuja – Hierro del Bocado, will be held on the 14th and 15th of April at the aforementioned stud farm, with limited availability.
To participate, just fill out the form provided below, and e-mail it to before Wednesday, the 5th of April at 12:00 noon. This first concentration is open to all interested riders, after which the possible pairs making up this new PRE Team will be selected.  For now, the rider’s knowledge of this discipline and the aptitudes of his/her Purebred Spanish Horse will be taken into consideration.

[PDF] Entry Form

The ANCCE General Sports Commission reserves the right to assign a post on the PRE Team to pairs participating from abroad, if and when these have the necessary level and aptitude to be selected. 

2023-03-02 SICAB New Dates from the ANCCE Executive Committee

New Dates for SICAB 2023: November 28th to
December 3rd
Due to the Latin Grammys being held at Sevilla’s Palacio de Congresos y Exposiciones Convention Center, we have been forced to postpone our International PRE Trade Fair, SICAB 2023, a week, with the event starting on Tuesday, the 28th of November and running until Sunday, the 3rd of December.

At the most recent meeting held with Mayor Antonio Muñoz, we were informed that the Andalusian Regional Government had signed a three-year sponsorship agreement with the Latin Recording Academy to hold several events in Andalusia, with Sevilla being positioned as a candidate city to host the Latin Grammys this upcoming November at FIBES. Thus, both the dates and the actual venue where SICAB is held will be occupied by this international event.

In the light of this mandatory change of dates, the ANCCE Executive Committee has reached an agreement with Sevilla City Hall to hold the event from the 28th of November to the 3rd of December. All efforts have been made to keep the date as closely as possible to the traditional dates, as neither October nor December is a suitable month for SICAB. These new dates translate into the speedy dismantling of the Latin Grammy Awards while ANCCE will have to implement a fast-track organization and set-up so that everything is ready on Sunday, the 26th of November, which, if everything goes smoothly, is when horses enter the stables at FIBES.

Within the scope of this organizational change for both ANCCE and SICAB, we understand that the newly established dates are the best option for breeders, professionals and guests.

2022-03-24 ANCCE-LGPRE 2021 Annual Report/Summary from the PRE Mother Studbook in Spain. Click HERE to access the 2 page report

2022-03-18 BAPSH Ltd VIRTUAL GRADING for the five PRE-Associate Breed Studbooks (PFH, HA, SSSH, SNH, & AAH). Click HERE to go to main Information and Forms page for VIRTUAL grading.

2022-03-14 ANCCE will be at Equitana 2022 in Germany  with a stand to promote Purebred Spanish Horses. This important International equestrian trade fair runs from the 7th & 13th April. The ANCCE stand will be in Hall 6 – 6C22 near the main exhibition area

2022-02-10 ANCCE announce 2022 Competition categories and Conformation Judges – more details here

2022-01-19 PRE GRADING EVENT 2022  – Provisionally Saturday MAY 21st to Monday 23rd (dependent on COVID regulations)

For 2022 there is just ONE Venue in the Centre of the UK with THREE Days of PRE Grading Evaluations
May 21st – PRE Stallions Day (with some PRE mares in the afternoon & evening)
May 22nd  –  PRE Stallions & PRE Mares arriving in mixed loads
May 23rd – PRE Mares all Day

The change back to MAY for the 2022 Grading dates is just a ‘One-off’ change in order to catch up on the two year backlog of stallions and mares caused by the COVID-19 pandemic; these young horses all need to be Graded for breeding and showing this year hence the May date. All other UK registered PRE horses that are old enough to be Graded by May 23rd ( a full 3 years old) are also very WELCOME to be booked in ASAP or this year’s Grading in May.
2023 GRADING – BAPSH expect to revert to holding the Basic Grading in late August in 2023 giving Breeders and Youngstock more chance to prepare properly during the long days of the summer months.

Many of our fees had to go up on 1st January 2022 so please read through or download the new 2022 Registry Fees document. During this first full week in January the various Application Forms have ALL been updated and uploaded to the website. It’s a huge job and there may be the occasional link that doesn’t work or that takes you to a form that isn’t there, if this happens please email the details of the page and the location of the faulty link to and we will fix it.


These wonderful breeds were fully recognised and approved by DEFRA in 2021 after a number of years of hard work on the BPs by BAPSH Ltd, and many years of work before that by dedicated British breeders. There were some quite big changes made in the regulations for both breeds in order to meet FAnGR’s concerns about the possibility of too small a gene pool in the original BP applications. Please read the new information carefully. The revised Breed Standards (available as PDF), Detailed Mating Strategies (available as PDF), Breeding Programmes etc can now be found on our website. Some of the important data has also been made available as downloadable PDFs to print and keep for referral.

All the Breed Standards are available here to download for your own education/knowledge either as plain Text or with Photos. NOTE – these Breed Standards are the Copyright of the issuing Studbook.

Post-BREXIT in mid-2021 DEFRA agreed that the Hispano-Arabs in the UK are returned to the care of BAPSH and will now be registered, passported, and approved for breeding by BAPSH Ltd. DEFRA has confirmed this change; the UEGHa in Spain have been refused extension of their control into the UK. This BP extension refusal is due to the UEGHa’s lack of interest in the British Hispano-arab population in the last 13 years whilst they were in control of the British population.  Since BAPSH took control the first Ha has been Approved for Breeding after 15 years without Gradings for Ha. Congratulations to KEBDANI DANITA 37.5% (born in 2007) bred and owned by Mrs Phyllis Haddu.