Passports and Passport Regulations

Horse Passports became compulsory for all equines in 1998 after legislation passed by the EU. Prior to this date horses had Registration Certificates, and/or vaccination cards with an ID section. Pedigree PRE Passports with dark burgundy plastic covers were issued by the Jefatura de Cria Caballar, from before 1998 through to early 2008 when their management of the PRE studbook was closed down.
The earliest BAPSH Ltd Passports were issued in January 2003 following upon the organisation being converted into a registered Limited Company as per the 2002 EU Equine Law revisions.
Between 1998 and the start of 2003 there was no Section for the declaration ‘Not For Human Consumption’ . This Section, Section IX Parts I, II & III made its appearance in January 2003 an has been compulsory ever since. Old Passports that were not originally issued with Section IX should have been updated with these extra pages by now (see bottom of this page for further information).

Over the past 18 years Passports from BAPSH, FESCCR, and the ANCCE have all experienced design changes as the EU Equine Law has been modified, and in order to help owners and prospective owners recognise what PRE, Partbred, and Non-pedigree Spanish horse Passports should look like BAPSH has created a PASSPORT & DOCUMENTS LIBRARY

This LIBRARY is not yet completed but additions will be made to it as various types and designs of Passport come into the Registry Office.


The implementation of the NEW 2016 Equine Law has meant a complete change in the layout of Horse Passports issued from 1st January 2016 onwards.
Passports issued by BAPSH Ltd and by the ANCCE-LGPRE have had to change in design quite substantially

Here is how the Passport Official Sections are now arranged in page order.

Section IA – Written Identification Details – this page must be laminated
Section IB – Outline Identification Diagram
Section ICi – Castration Details, ii)Verification of Description, iii) Registration in Other Studbook
Section II Part I & II – Declaration Not For Human Consumption 
(Previously Section IX part I & II)
Section II Part III – Animal is Intended for Slaughter for Human Consumption
Section III – Invalidation/Revalidation for Movement Purposes
Section IV – Details of Ownership & Ownership Changes  
(Previously Section III)
Section VA –  Certificate of Origin
Section VB – Pedigree
Section VI  – Control of Identification of this Horse described in this Passport
Section VII – Equine Influenza Vaccinations ONLY
Section VIII- Diseases Other than Equine Influenza Vaccinations
Section IX –  Laboratory Health Tests
Section X  –  Basic Health Conditions for Movement in the EU
Section XI – Chestnuts – Outlines to be drawn for horses without markings and less than 3 whorls.

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1. A formal letter declaring the Original Passport Lost or Destroyed and the circumstances of its loss must accompany the Application for a Duplicate. ONLY the Owner registered with BAPSH Ltd may apply for a BAPSH Ltd Duplicate Passport to replace a LOST Passport issued by one of these 3 following Authorities
a) BAPSH Ltd , b) FESCCR , c) Spanish Regional Government
FEE = £78.00, including p&p.
2. DUPLICATE ANCCE-LGPRE Passports can only be applied for by Owners who have an ANCCE-LGPRE Breeder/Owner Code, and who have their horse Registered to that Code as well as registered correctly with BAPSH Ltd. Complete the Duplicate Passport Application Form and get your vet to complete the second page, PLUS
you must also complete an ANCCE International Service Application Form requesting LGPRE SERVICE 401. ANCCE International Service Application Form
FEE = £125.00, including p&p
3. It is now UK Law that an MRVCS Vet must Re-Identify the horse whose Passport is LOST by completing the ID page of the Duplicate Passport Application form.
If the identity of the horse can be established through its implanted microchip number or from a properly completed outline Identity Diagram then BAPSH Ltd (or LGPRE) can issue a DUPLICATE Passport.
If the identity of the horse cannot be established BAPSH Ltd must issue a REPLACEMENT Passport.
4. Before issue the Passport, BAPSH Ltd (or LGPRE) must stamp and sign all Replacement and Duplicate Passports (Part II of Section II) to declare that the horse is not intended for human consumption. This includes passports issued to replace pre-2016 passports without a Section IX.

The penalties for a horse NOT having a Passport are quite severe – either a fine of up to £5,000.00 or a 6 month term in prison.

Passport applications received after the foal is six months from birth or after the 31st of December in the year of its birth, whichever is the longer period, are classed as LATE applications.

The new 2016 Equine Law states that if a late passport application is received for a pedigree horse which is eligible for immediate inclusion into a BAPSH Ltd Studbook/Register, then a DUPLICATE PASSPORT must be produced by BAPSH Ltd (or LGPRE) for that horse instead of the normal style of passport for that Register.
1a. Damaged Passports
which are still fully bound and free of any signs of fraud can be replaced by a New-Reissue of the same passport. The damaged passport is then destroyed.
1b. Passports With No More Space for Vaccinations or Change of Ownership can be replaced by a New-Reissue of the same passport but with extra pages. The data in the old passport is transferred and then the old passport is destroyed.
2. ID ONLY Passports issued by another PIO for any horse registered with BAPSH can be Upgraded to a Pedigree Passport upon completion of the necessary paperwork and fee. The ID-Only Passport must be sent to BAPSH with a covering letter addressed to the ID-Only PIO from the owner requesting the cancellation of the ID Passport. BAPSH will forward the old Passport to the other PIO for cancellation, and produce a PEDIGREE New-Reissue BAPSH Passport with the same UELN for the horse. A copy of the Old Passport’s Vaccination pages will be sent with the New Passport to the owner.

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NEW ADDRESS DETAILS MUST BE REGISTERED WITH BAPSH Ltd (your PIO) WITHIN 30 DAYS OF THE HOUSE MOVE. Send your Horse Passports that are registered with BAPSH Ltd to the Registry Office with the completed Change of Address BAPSH form and the appropriate fees within 30 days of your change of address.  Your passports and the National Database will be updated with your new details.  Download – Change Of Address BAPSH 2017
If you have an ANCCE-LGPRE Breeder or Owners Code you also need to complete and send to the BAPSH Ltd Registry Office the ANCCE UPDATING Studfarm DATA 2016  so that your contact details and Studfarm address on the ANCCE-LGPRE are also updated to reflect your Change of Address (Currently there is no charge for this service).

. . . . . . . . .*.*.*.*.*.*. . . . . . .

BAPSH Ltd should be notified when a stallion or colt is Gelded. This operation substantially changes the horse’s status within the Studbook/Register.
There are two ways to notify BAPSH.
1.The Vet performing the operation may neatly writes the operation date and the word CASTRATED or GELDED into the appropriate passport page, and signs and stamps the amendment. Then the owner makes a clear copy of the amendment which is emailed as a pdf or jpg to BAPSH Ltd in order to update the National database, and the ANCCE-LGPRE if the horse is a PRE.
2. The Owner sends the Passport to BAPSH Ltd Registry Office with the date of the Gelding, and a cheque for £14.00 (incl P&P). Upon receipt the Passport will be updated, scanned, and the relevant databases updated, and the scans sent through to LGPRE.

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We understand that the death of a horse can be a traumatic event and it can be difficult to get on with tackling the essential paperwork surrounding the loss of the horse. However UK Equine Law requires you to notify BAPSH Ltd of the death of your BAPSH registered horse within 30 days of its passing. Initially you may notify BAPSH Ltd by email, text message, phonecall or letter. Then you must send the Passport for the deceased PRE, Partbred (Register II), or Non-Pedigree horse (Register IV) to the BAPSH Ltd REGISTRY OFFICE for invalidation/cancellation within the 30 day period specified by law. BAPSH will also notify the ANCCE-LGPRE about PRE horses and send them a scan of the invalidated Passport.

Owners may request the Passport’s return and should enclose a cheque for £14.00 to cover the cost of postage and packing.
BAPSH and ANCCE Equine_Death_Certificate 2016-01-31

. . . . . . . *.*.*.*.*.*.*. . . . . . .

Passports issued between January 1998 and 2002 were not required to contain the Section IX – the declaration about whether the horse was destined for Human Consumption or Not. Since 2002 it has been compulsory to ADD the Section IX pages to any Passport that does not have these pages. By now, most passports have been updated to fully legal status with the addition of the Section IX Pages, but if you have a BAPSH registered horse with a passport that is missing Section IX you must get it updated straight away.

Please send your horse Passport with the £23.00 (includes P&P) fee by recorded delivery to Mary McBryde – BAPSH Ltd Registry Office – Holly Trees Farm, Chesterblade Rd, Stoney Stratton, Shepton Mallet, Somerset.BA4 4EQ

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