Eventing – One-Day & Three-Day

To Quote the words of the ANCCE – ‘Purebred Spanish Horses are well adapted for this discipline, thanks to their overwhelming bravery and their emotional stability. Such balance is the best allied for a discipline that requires a combination of three tests, Dressage, Show Jumping and Cross-country. To be outstanding, one must be a good athlete, with flexible movements for Dressage, where everyone is aware of its skills for elevated and collected paces. Another important aspect is Show-Jumping where PREs handle themselves well, and Cross country demands strength and resistance [resilience], which is also no challenge for them.’

SCHEHERCZAR – Hispano-arab Stallion
Born 08/05/1993. Sire: Ghandi (PRE), Dam: Tafilah (Arab)
Bred, Owned, and Competed by Gillian Maclean
Schehereczar jump woodpile  Schehereczar showjump  Schehereczar jump poles

ANDALUZA LIV – PRE Mare (pure Carthusian) Basic-Apto
Born 07/04/1993. Sire: Novelero IX, Dam: Esplendida VIII
Bred by Gerda Louise Haich, Malaga, Spain. Owned and competed by Sally Bullar, Lewes, Sussex

2004 ANDALUZA LIV Eventing

ODALISCO III – PRE Stallion (pure Carthusian) CALIFICADO Status
Born 29/03/2008. Sire: Bandolero LXVII (by Bizaro XIV) , Dam: Odalisca IV (by Airoso X)
Bred and Owned by Yeguada de la Cartuja ‘Hierro del Bocado’
Odalisco III – Eventing PRE – 2015-04-17

Odalisco III - Xcountry phase 2015       Odalisco III - Show-Jumping phase 2015

Odalisco III at SICAB 2015 won the 25 entry Showjumping(largest ever class to date). He was superb. Here is a LINK to the ShowJumping Video on SICABTV

ORADOR XLII – PRE Stallion (pure Carthusain) JRR Status for Eventing
Born 21/05/2009. Sire: Animoso XXXI (by Airoso X), Dam: Oradora XVI (by Bizaro XIV)
Bred and Owned by Yeguada de la Cartuja ‘Hierro del Bocado’
Orador XLII JRR for Eventing

NIKE – PRE Gelding competing in British Eventing
Born 15/04/2004. Sire: Capricho de Oro II, Dam: Mechona II
Bred by Marcelino Bravo Talavera, Spain. Owned by Heidi Andersen. Competed by Brigitte Andersen

Nike - dressage phase with Brigitte Andersen at Broadway smfl  nike1  nike2

Brigitte Andersen has been riding horses since she was six years old. However, it was not until she moved to England that she discovered her true love, eventing. And it wasn’t eventing with any horse – it was with Nike, called Casper at the yard, a ten-year-old purebred Spanish gelding.
Brigitte was introduced to Nike in September of 2012 as she was just beginning to train under Rob Hulbert of Park View Equestrian Centre in Berkshire. Mr. Hulbert could see straight away that the match between Brigitte and Nike would be a perfect one. He describes Brigitte as a “calm rider with a confident yet quiet approach to riding,” whereas Nike could be characterized as lively and strong, a beginner at every level. Nike had no jumping experience and had only just begun to trot over ground poles. In addition, he was only familiar with the Park View Equestrian Centre and had not traveled to arenas such as Merrist Wood or any of the venues that host the British Eventing fixtures. Nike needed a calm, confident and skilled rider who was encouraged by a talented trainer. Mr. Hulbert pushed them to start small with unaffiliated clear round evenings at Merrist Wood and other local events.
However, the big push came in February of 2013 when Brigitte and Nike registered with British Eventing and began competing first at the BE 80 (T) level and now at the BE 90 level. Nike has shown that he is a natural show jumper and cross-country horse completing several clear rounds on the cross-country course and had only one pole down at their most recent event. Dressage is coming along as well and with each event showing improvement as Nike settles his lively Andalusian spirit.
It is a pleasure to watch Brigitte and Nike compete. They are both clearly enjoying themselves and have high hopes for another successful affiliated eventing season!

CABALLERO (‘CHICKMAGNET’) – PRE Partbred – Eventer
Born 15/03/1990. Sire: Adonis Rex (PRE), Dam: Mystery (TB 87.5%)
Bred by Diane Carter (nee Hesketh), Wales. Owned by Mrs Stevens

Back cover - Chickmagnet