Stallions At Stud In The UK

Nero II sementales can Maynou 548Above: – Close to perfection – the fabulous NERO II
Twice Senior CH of Spain, and twice Junior CH of Spain

Search for your ideal Stallion for your Mare/s to be bred to via the BAPSH Ltd accredited Stallion Lists on this website. You can be 100% confident that every Stallion whose details appear in these two Catalogues will be correctly registered and passported with BAPSH Ltd and the ANCCE-LGPRE (if a PRE horse) in the correct and current Ownership. These Stallions whether PRE or PRE Partbred will be APPROVED FOR BREEDING and their Owners will be able to access and complete the essential Spanish or BAPSH Ltd Covering Certificates to ensure that next year’s Pedigree Foals can be Registered and Passported with ease and facility.
Stallion pedigree information, date of birth, breeding status, and other data will all have been checked and will be correct before the advertisement is accepted.

ANCCE-LGPRE Pedigrees supplied as click through pdfs for all PRE Stallions in the PRE Catalogue.

  1. PRE Horses (Purebred Spanish Horses) Stallions Approved for Breeding, 3yrs old and over
  2. Partbred PRE Stallions Approved for Breeding, 3yrs old and over

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Breeders and Owners who wish to promote their BAPSH registered Stallions from Registers I and II are urged to take full advantage of this great platform to bring your stallions to the attention of mare owners of all breeds.

EVERY NEW ADDITION TO THESE CATALOGUES WILL HAVE AN ALERT LINK PUT ONTO OUR BAPSH – STUDBOOK AND PIO Facebook Page, bringing potential customers to view your horse/s as soon as they are in the Catalogue.

Inclusion in our Catalogues is FREE and adverts will remain on site until December 31st of each year unless the horse is sold or gelded.

Stallions At Stud Listing 2016 Application Form – complete this form if you wish your Approved Breeding Stallion to appear on our Stallions At Stud Pages. Download  WordDoc Version  or PDF Version

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