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BAPSH Ltd REGISTERED BRANDS 2017 – Alphabetical List by Owner Surname

BRANDING OF THE PUREBRED SPANISH HORSE (PRE)   –   Written by Geoff Shawcross (2009-05-01)
(updated with authors permission in 2016 by Mary McBryde)
Branding the PRE has been a tradition for many centuries and has been used to identify the breeder of a particular horse. This brand is always marked on the horse’s quarters, with stallions being branded on their left side and mares branded on their right. Less commonly, an individual animal may be identified by imprinting an arabic number on the right shoulder but his is usually restricted to breeding mares that run in herds. Other breeds of horse (in other countries) use branding to identify the breed of the horse e.g.  Hanoverian, or the ownership of an individual animal.

Types of branding

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Ia) Own one or more Purebred Spanish Mares (PRE) Approved For Reproduction (APTO)
Ib) One or more of the above mares has produced a Purebred Spanish ANCCE-LGPRE Registered & BAPSH Registered Foal  within the previous 12 months, or the mare is certified currently infoal.
IIa)Own one or more adult mares of any appropriate breed or mixture for producing Partbred Spanish Horses (Partbred PRE)
IIb)One or more of the above mares has produced a foal within the previous 12 months that is a minimum of 25% PRE blood, and which is fully Registered with the BAPSH Ltd, or the mare is certified currently pregnant to produce a foal with a minimum of 25% PRE blood.

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BRANDS are Registered with BAPSH  permanently, but ownership of a BRAND may be transferred upon application to BAPSH.
No BRANDS will be accepted which are copies of famous Spanish Brands (see List of Spanish Brands) or which closely resemble Brands registered with BAPSH ( see List of Registered UK Brands).
All BRAND applications are presented to the Directors for approval. The Directors reserve the right to refuse registration of any BRAND deemed unacceptable, and an alternative design will be requested.

BAPSH Registered BRANDS are only for use on BAPSH Registered horses.

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NOTE: Once a BRAND has been Approved you must, at your own expense, have made the following
i) a Branding Iron which exactly reproduces the design shown on this page. The Branding Iron needs to be made out of the appropriate metal for either HOT BRANDING or for FREEZE BRANDING
ii) a Rubber Stamp showing your Brand Design at about 12mm in diameter. This is for your own use on documents.

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Show your BRAND design life-size in BLACK INK, and EXACTLY AS IT WILL BE MADE for the Branding Iron. It must fit within the 4ins by 4ins sq (100cm x 100cm) below. You may use a computer to print out your design and attach it to this page if you wish, providing the design remains within a 4”x 4” (100mm x 100mm) square or diameter.
Make your design clear, sharp, and precisely as you want it to appear. This is very important because your design, if approved, will be scanned and forwarded to the ANCCE-LGPRE for inclusion in the on-line Studbook for everyone to see throughout the world.

Once your Brand is approved it cannot be changed, even in a small detail, without a new application being made.

IMPORTANT :- This size (100 x 100mm) BRAND is the recommended size for Branding foals at weaning time around 6 months old. If you plan to Brand very young foals then you will need a smaller version of the Brand to counteract the enormous growth that will occur in the foal’s bottom and the brand that is on that bottom. If you plan to Brand adult horses you will need a larger version of the Brand, perhaps 125 x 125mm (5″x 5″) or 150 x 150mm (6″x 6″), so that it will be visible from a distance.


BAPSH Ltd REGISTERED BRANDS 2017 can be downloaded here – Alphabetical List by Owner Surname

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