Hispano-Arab Horse (HA) – Imports

ESTOQUE 25% – Imported Hispano-árab gelding.
Sire:Nabuco de Pacha 50% (HA), Dam:Cariñosa 2 (PRE) .
Bred in Spain by Jose Peral Perez.



HISPANO-ARAB IMPORT Registration Form 2020

UEGHá Change of Ownership (CAMBIO DE TITULARIDAD) Application Form
(Spanish Version; English translation coming soon)

UEGHá Horse OWNER/Studfarm CODE Application Form
(Spanish Version; English translation coming soon)

UEGHá Current List of HA Horses at the Date of the Establishment of a New Horse Owner Code 
(Spanish Version; English translation coming soon)


BAPSH Ltd is a Passport Issuing Office (PIO) for DEFRA, and holds several Studbooks for Spanish Breeds. The BAPSH Ltd Hispano-Arab Horse Studbook was established in 1987, affiliated to the Spanish Mother Studbook,  and is DEFRA Approved.
This HA Studbook is for Pedigree Hispano-Arab Horses which are also registered with the Unión Española de Ganaderos de Caballos de Raza Hispano-árabe (UEGHá), Spain.
The BAPSH Ltd Studbook for Hispano-Arab Horses (HA) maintains the records and passports for all Hispano-Arabs living in the UK and Ireland on behalf of the UK Government, uploading new and changed data for horses and owners to the DEFRA Central Equine Database every 24 hours.

Imported pedigree Hispano-Arab Horses should be registered into the BAPSH Ltd Hispano-Arab Horse Studbook within 30 Days of their arrival in the UK in order to comply with UK Equine Law.
Registration with BAPSH Ltd will Update the Passport with the new Owner details, register the Owner details and the Horse data and Microchip number onto the National Studbook and the DEFRA Central Equine Database as required by UK Equine Law.

Imported pedigree Hispano-Arab Horses may have a Maroon covered FESCCR passport, or a UEGHá issued passport.

PROCEDURE for Registration into the BAPSH Ltd HA Studbook and to Overstamp Passport to comply with UK Equine Law
Download the HISPANO-ARAB IMPORT Registration Form 2020  and complete ALL the Owner details in black or blue ink in capitals on Page 1 of the Registration Application form. Add as much other information as possible, including Breeder details, certified pedigree and any additional data you have. Complete and sign and date the Owner declaration at the bottom. Give the horse’s name including the % figure after the name, and the UELN.

2.VET IDENTIFICATION – Your vet must complete, 100% in their own handwriting, the Identification Diagram & Description on Page 2 of the Hispano-Arab IMPORT Registration Application Form Ha Identification on Page 2, (the Identification for your new horse MUST be done from the horse itself, NOT from the Spanish papers) , READ the microchip, noting down the numbers, and sign and stamp the form to certify the identification.
This UK veterinary examination is accepted as proof of the horse’s correct identity, and this has replaced the compulsory examination of the horse by the Spanish Grading Commission during their annual visit to the UK. (NOTE:- IF the horse’s Microchip cannot be read you should contact the Registrar ASAP. DO NOT INSERT ANOTHER MICROCHIP. BAPSH Ltd registration will be provisional pending further checks.)

3.PROOF OF PURCHASE– You should have a UEGHá CAMBIO DE TITULARIDAD (Change of Ownership) Document showing the Change of Ownership from the last recorded owner with the UEGHá to YOU and Signed by both parties, and/or a Receipt/Invoice with the horse’s details, those of Seller and Buyer, and SIGNED BY THE SELLER to provide proof of legal purchase.
If there are one or more intermediary Dealers/Agents in the ‘chain’ of owners between YOU and the last UEGHá recorded Owner then try to get evidence of these un-registered changes of ownership, especially important if you buy direct from a Dealer/Agent. 
Any difficulties with this, please contact BAPSH to discuss options.

4. UEGHá HORSE OWNER CODE (Codigo de Ganaderia or Studfarm Code)
UEGHá Horse Owner/Studfarm Code Application Form
UEGHá will NOT process work for you and your Hispano-Arab Horses (nor recognise your ownership of the HA horses) unless you have Personal Code registered with UEGHá. This must be either a FESCCR Breeder Code issued before 2008, or a modern UEGHá Horse Owner/Studfarm Code .
First-time New Owners of Hispano-Arab Horses who apply to register the Change of Ownership with the UEGHá after their UK registration with BAPSH Ltd is completed will receive a FREE UEGHá Horse Owner Code.
All applications for a New UEGHá Horse Owner Code must be accompanied by a completed‘Current List of Your HA Horses’ (Estado Inicial Ganaderia) Form, and a copy of the applicant’s current ID document (for UK owners this is normally your own passport or photo ID drivers license).
If you have just bought a Hispano-Arab Horse/s you also need to supply the Proof of Purchase document/s or completed UEGHá Change of Ownership/s (Cambio de Titularidad) Application (£70.00 each) for each HA horse on the List.
f you have just begun the process of breeding your first HA Foal you need to send a Copy of the Covering Certificate to BAPSH Ltd ASAP with your UEGHá Horse Owner Code Application (£50.00)
All Hispano-Arab Owners living in the UK and Ireland should apply for UEGHá Services via the BAPSH Ltd Registry Service Office where you will find friendly assistance with filling out the forms.

5.AFTER THE VET ID IS DONE – When the vet and yourself have completed both pages of the BAPSH Hispano-Arab Horse Import Registration Application form, send it back to the Registrar with the ORIGINAL Spanish Passport, plus any other documentation the horse arrived with, such as the Intra-Trade Certificate, UEGHa Change of Ownership (Cambio de Titularidad), and Sales Receipt, plus the Correct fees. 

(Please Note that your passport is NOT sent to Spain but is fully and legally updated here in the UK at BAPSH Ltd)

The FEE for Imported Hispano-Arab Horse UK Registration and Passport Update is £55.00 including Royal Mail Signed For Service P&P.
Please add the relevant fee for a UEGHá Change of Ownership (Cambio de Titularidad) application (£70.00) if you chose to apply for this recommended Service.
Remember if this is your FIRST HA Horse you can apply for a FREE UEGHá Horse Owner Code at the same time.

Click HERE for the current 2020 FEES for ALL UEGHá, ANCCE-LGPRE and BAPSH Ltd Services.

Cheques/Postal Order are payable to BAPSH Ltd. Or pay by Bank Transfer.
Email: bapshregistrar@btinternet.com Mary McBryde – for the BAPSH Ltd Registry Account Bank Details.

Please contact BAPSH Ltd at Email: bapshregistrar@btinternet.com for more Information and assistance on the various paperwork procedures with UEGHá https://www.caballohispanoarabe.com.

Send your documents by Special Delivery or Signed For Service to:-
The Registrar – Mary McBryde
Holly Trees Farm, Chesterblade Road, Stoney Stratton, Shepton Mallet, Somerset. BA4 4EQ

 BAPSH Registry Services – Monday to Friday between 10am & 4pm on 07887 890098 or 01749 838791.  Email: bapshregistrar@btinternet.com

Iberica Paloma at the Gallops 2016Iberica Paloma 37.5% – 14yr mare – bred by Yeguada Iberica, Spain.
Paloma had a successful couple of years in UK Endurance competitions