Breeders of Spanish Spotted Saddle Horses


Contact the BAPSH Ltd Registry Office to request more information or contact details for Breeders on our lists. Email:- or Tel: 07887 890098

Mrs Karen       COLLISON   ‘AZTEC’                      Leicestershire, England. Tel: 01455 202754 or 07778 005667, Email: , Website: Aztec Stud

Miss Jessica     DAVIES                                             Leicestershire, England.

Mrs  Michelle  GODWIN     WATERMEADOW   Suffolk, England.

Mrs Vanessa   GROVE,         ‘GROVEWOOD’       East Sussex, England. Tel: 01825 830027, Email: , Website: Grovewood Andalusian Stud

Miss Caroline  HOWLETT                                        Northumberland, England.

Miss Mary       McBRYDE     ‘MARYSS’                   Somerset, England

Mrs  Michelle  SNELLING   ‘GABLES’                    East Sussex, England

Mrs   Sarah      SUTTON       ‘ORCHID’                   Somerset, England. Tel:

Ms    Sue          TAYLOR        ‘SILVERBROOKE’    Lincolnshire, England.

Miss Vicky       TOURNIER                                        Berkshire, England.

Breeders of Spanish Spotted Saddle Horses – Now Retired.

Mrs M E          ANDREWS    ‘ALTO’                        Derbyshire, England.

Miss Lisa          KIMM,          PHOENIX STUD      Essex, England

Mr Gerard       NAPROUS                                         Staffordshire, England.

Mrs Christine  NEESON                                            Kent, England.

Mrs Juliette     RILEY             ‘VALLE’                     Huntingdon, England.

Miss Mandy    WHEATCROFT ‘MILL’                    Leicestershire, England.

Valle Asombroso – close up of his amazing mini-spotting pattern between the big spots