Breeders of Spanish Spotted Saddle Horses


Contact the BAPSH Ltd Registry Office to request more information or contact details for Breeders on our lists. Email:- or Tel: 07887 890098

Ms  Libby        BRICKNELL                                     Anglesey, Wales.

Mrs Karen       COLLISON   ‘AZTEC’                      Leicestershire, England. Tel: 01455 202754 or 07778 005667, Email: , Website: Aztec Stud

Miss Jessica     DAVIES                                             Leicestershire, England.

Mrs Vanessa   GROVE,         ‘GROVEWOOD’       East Sussex, England. Tel: 01825 830027, Email: , Website: Grovewood Andalusian Stud

Miss Caroline  HOWLETT                                         Northumberland, England.

Miss Lisa          KIMM,          PHOENIX STUD      Essex, England. Tel: 07590 021710, Email:

Breeders of Spanish Spotted Saddle Horses – Now Retired.

Mrs M E          ANDREWS    ‘ALTO’                        Derbyshire, England.

Mr Gerard       NAPROUS                                         Staffordshire, England.

Mrs Christine  NEESON                                            Kent, England.

Mrs Juliette     RILEY             ‘VALLE’                     Huntingdon, England.

Miss Mandy    WHEATCROFT ‘MILL’                    Leicestershire, England.

Valle Asombroso – close up of his amazing mini-spotting pattern between the big spots