Registry Fees for All Services

PRE Fusion Horse – Mistrals Summer Treasure

 There are over 40 different Services provided by the BAPSH Ltd Registry Service to owners and breeders of PREs, PRE Fusion Breeds (includes Non-pedigree PRE-Type horses), Hispano-Arabs, and horses of breeds descended From Ancestral PREs. Every attempt is made to avoid any increase to the fees for these Services, but sometimes increases are unavoidable due to the rising costs of providing the Services.
For 2023 BAPSH have held steady all Fees at the 2022 level apart from Grading Fees which have had to rise due to Venue and travel price increases.

Please click on the link below to open the PDF of the BAPSH Ltd Registry Service Fees in force at present from 2023-JANUARY-31


Owners of Purebred Spanish Horses (PREs) are also affected by changes in the fees applied by the ANCCE-LGPRE for their Services. These changes are entirely controlled by the ANCCE and are applied throughout the PRE owning world. The last price rise by ANCCE-LGPRE was 27th July 2015 when Grading (Service 206) and PRE Foal Inscription (Service 103) were raised for owners who are NOT Full-Members of the ANCCE.
Conversely Full-Members of the ANCCE received a Discount which is applied automatically by the LGPRE computer system on Service 2016 and 103 Applications.

BAPSH will post here any information on changes in Service Fees made by ANCCE-LGPRE