Partbred PRE Foal Registration

REGISTER II – Partbred PREs with Certified 25% to 99% PRE Apto blood.

The remaining % blood can be from any breed or of unknown ancestry

CHIQUITA - 2007 FILLY ex Saragossa crpd flpd  Valles Asombroso leopard spot colt 2015 trotting  Tobiano partbred x friesian filly - Karen King

PRE Partbred UK Born Registration Application 2017

PRE Partbred Foal Registration INSTRUCTIONS 2017

UK Equine Law – Foals MUST be registered and passported BEFORE 6months old OR by 31st DECEMBER YOB whichever is the longer period of time

Our National Breed Association is a Passport Issuing Office (PIO) for DEFRA, and is the UK National Office for the Spanish Studbook – ANCCE-LGPRE, Sevilla, Spain. The BAPSH Ltd also looks after the requirements of Partbred PRE horses with 25% or more of their pedigree descended from PRE Apto ancestors. Any Non-Apto PREs in the pedigree cannot count towards the required % of Apto bloodline, eg. Apto PRE sire to Non-Apto PRE dam = Partbred PRE 50% Apto blood. Non-Apto PRE x Non-Apto PRE = registration in Register IV non-pedigree, non-breeding horses.

Most Partbred PREs are a combination of PRE stallion x mare of another breed or mixture. Where both parents of the foal are fully registered horses of different breeds the breeder must decide which Passport Issuing Organisation (PIO) will be the one to produce the foal’s Passport. If the other PIO does not have a Partbred Studbook the decision is straightforward, but where both PIOs have Partbred Studbooks one PIO will issue the passport and the second breed’s PIO can register the foal and then Overstamp the passport with their studbook registration details if the breeder or future owners wish it. So as the breeder you need to decide which Studbook you want to hold the primary registration.


We hope you will choose BAPSH Ltd and take pride in your foal’s PRE ancestry as detailed in the PRE portion of the pedigree in a BAPSH Ltd passport. Partbreds registered with BAPSH Ltd can compete on an equal footing with PREs and Register IV horses in classes for Spanish and Iberian horses at local and county shows. Our National Breed show has a dedicated Partbred PRE Championship with excellent international judges and great prizes and a huge range of other classes to take part in.

Brecknock brothers in tandem harness


1. Download the ‘Partbred PRE Import Registration Application’ – PRE Partbred UK Born Registration Application 2017

2. Complete all the Breeder & Owner details in black or blue ink in legible capitals on the 1st page of the Registration Application form. Fill out as much as possible on the Pedigree form as this will all be included into the Passport, Complete and sign and date the Owner declaration at the bottom of page 2.

3. Give 2 name choices no longer than 25 letters & spaces inclusive. First name should be the one you want, second name should be a variation on this to make the name unique if it is a common name, eg.,add your initials at the start or end, or add a location such as ‘XXX of Thornbury.’ Breeders with registered AFFIXES should only give one name with their affix.
(If you would like an Affix you can find out about them HERE)

4. Your vet visits to make a detailed identification of the foal on page 2 of the Registration Application. Showing all whorls and feathered whorls precisely, and any white markings, pink skin, and scars. Your vet supplies a microchip to be inserted into the left side, mid-third of the neck, just below the crest. The microchip should be read after insertion to check response. A Microchip sticker must go on the Application form and the spare Microchip stickers returned to the Registry Office.

5. Check the Application form ID has been completed correctly by the vet and that ALL markings are shown accurately. Also check that the vet has signed and dated the form and stamped it with the Vet practice

6. Send by Recorded Delivery the following documents to the BAPSH Ltd Registry Office

i. Completed Registration Application

ii. The mare’s Covering Certificate from the stallion owner

iii. Photocopies of the registration papers, pedigree, & passport for whichever parent is NOT BAPSH Registered.

Please make sure that the UELN is visible and legible.

iv. Cheque/PO payable to BAPSH Ltd for:-

a) £70.00 inc P&P for Registration and Passport for Foals up to 5 months old (DOB)

Add £5.00 per month Late Fees for registration applications made after the foal is 5 months old by its DOB

b) £45.00 inc P&P for Registration and Overstamping of another PIO passports
If a Bank Transfer is more convenient for you then please email for BAPSH Registry Account details.
If you are in doubt about any of the above instructions or need any further clarification please contact:-

The Registrar – Mary McBryde  (BAPSH Registry Services)
Holly Trees Farm, Chesterblade Road, Stoney Stratton, Shepton Mallet, Somerset. BA4 4EQ
Tel: 07887 890098                   Email:

Silvana - Spanish Norman filly 4yrs 5