VERY IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT – The BASIC GRADING booked for 22nd & 23rd MAY was  cancelled yesterday afternoon  by ANCCE-LGPRE due to insufficient numbers of horses attending. BAPSH discussed with the Director of LGPRE what Basic Grading options were available; the decision is that there can only be ONE Grading this year. BAPSH  considered continuing with the planned September Grading and moving all the May horses to September, but of course this would prevent many Breeders entering the ANCCE affiliated classes at the GBPRE National Breed Show in July.  However, we also want to include as many 2014 summer born youngsters as possible (horses must be 3 yrs old to be Graded). Our solution is to move the Basic Grading to the last week in JUNE just before GBPRE entries close on 1st July. Unicorn Trust have been brilliant, and first thing this morning the Unicorn Trust confirmed our new Grading dates which will be Monday 26th, Tuesday 27th & Wednesday 28th JUNE.
Please accept BAPSH Ltd apologies for this unexpected and sudden change in all our plans which have been in development for many months. We will be attempting to contacting everyone who has booked for the May Grading individually today, and all those who have expressed interest in the September Grading. The May Grading fees will be rolled over to June. New JUNE Grading forms will be available on our website later today, and anyone interested in Grading horses this year will need to apply within the next couple of weeks.

Mary McBryde (BAPSH Ltd Director)